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A remote on a red frequency being used to detonate TNT from a distance.

The Wireless Remote, when right clicked, will emit a Redstone signal to all devices on its frequency. The signal only stays on while the right click is held down. To set the frequency you have to crouch (default <Shift>) and right click to bring up its interface. If you want to change the Spectrum so you can color-code your devices, place a Lumar in your inventory of the desired color and click "Phase Shift" in the advanced GUI when the desired color is selected in the box.

(See Wireless Transmitter for more information on the GUI).

BUG: When using a Wireless Remote and being disconnected by lag while it is being triggered, sometimes the server can glitch out, making the channel the remote was set to remain triggered indefinitely.

The only known way to fix this is um server restart, as REPs and Wireless Jammers being used on the receivers still come back on after the 30 seconds of effect wear off.


Wireless Transceiver


Wireless Remote


Range of the signal depends if the chunk is rendered, world anchors will help with this if really far away.  (Not fully proven.)

Using a toggle latch with a remote.