Volcanoes are a naturally generated part of the Tekkit world introduced by RedPower. They are made of Basalt; a material that can become Basalt Cobblestone when mined and can be crafted into Basalt Brick. RedPower volcanoes take the shape of either a rare composite volcano (tall and narrow) or a common shield volcano (short and flat). The middle of the volcano will contain a 1x1 shaft of lava surrounded by basalt that leads down to a large pool of lava near the bedrock level. Lava can also generate in random locations on the volcano, which may cause forest fires. Since lava is generated randomly there is a very high chance of there only being one visible lava source block. On the other hand it is possible that the entire volcano is covered in a sea of lava.

Volcanoes spawn after the world generates causing them to spawn 'inside' biomes. This can cause floating vines as well as drops like saplings and seeds to be floating in jungle biomes. Some can even be found in mid-air after spawning at the top of a jungle tree. This will make your game lag and even crash. Volcanos have their own sound effects, that sound like muffled thunder. You may want to turn your volume down when walking near one.


Volcanoes are a source of Basalt, which can be used in building and decoration in the form of Micro Blocks, as well as Basalt Brick and Basalt Cobblestone. Basalt also has a high blast resistance.

Volcanoes are also an ample source of lava. Most volcanoes have a "Magma Chamber" which is filled with lava, similar to the bulb of oil at the bottom of an Oil Well. An efficient way of generating geothermal power is to place a pump on top of the lava shaft and pump the lava into a geothermal generator.


  • Not all Volcanoes have a magma chamber in them.
  • Volcanoes can spawn in water, forming cobblestone around the edges where the lava falls.

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