The Tekkit Classic Wiki

As the title suggests, this blog is about some updates I've made to the Forums!

Here is the list of changes:

  1. The "News and Announcements" board has been renamed to "Wiki News and Announcements" and, just to remind you all, you should NEVER create a thread in that board! It is for admins only.
  2. The "Hello & Welcome" board has been completely removed. This was, firstly, due to the fact that users were using it to ask questions that should have been in the "Questions and Answers" board and, secondly, that 99% of the users that used it to say hello were anonymous users (users without an account) that would only say the word "hi" or "hello" in a thread. All posts from that board have been moved into the "General Discussion" board.
  3. We now have a new board called "Bug Reports". This will hopefully clean up the "Questions and Answers" board.