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Hello, and welcome to the Tekkit Classic Wikia! I'm the admin, as well the leading Tekkit Classic expert specializing in factory and frame gunship engineering. My Tekkit Classic designs may be found at Feel free to ask me any Tekkit Classic questions on the forums or post on my message wall if I don't notice within a day.

If you would like to collaborate on a factory or gunship project and are an expert on one or more relevant mods, please contact me on my message wall. Additionally, I am offering big payout for solutions to my research below:

Current Research Challenges:                                                                              Combined Payout of $400 USD

I am offering the following monetary rewards for solutions to my research below, found in multiplayer on a clean, locally hosted Tekkit Classic server with no game-altering plugins. If you have a solution, message me on my message wall, but please VERIFY your solution before telling me. The chances that I already tried your suggestion are very high, so unless it's obscure, please refrain from offering guesses, unless you genuinely feel what you found is good enough to merit discussion. Previously attempted solutions are listed under each challenge, which you may use to understand them better. Wild uneducated guessing in hopes of getting paid rather than actual, earnest efforts at finding a solution will be treated as spam, and I will ignore accordingly.

Also, do not attempt to fool me with bogus solutions in hopes of getting paid - the last person who tried got banned for it. Dishonest attempts will result in immediate disqualification. Research challenges below:

1) Automate harvesting of hops without player input, e.g. left/right clicking.

$100 for harvesting the hops/seeds without breaking the crop, and harvesting the hops without breaking the plant.

$50 for harvesting the hops/seeds without breaking the crop.

$25 for harvesting the hops/seeds but breaking the crop.

- Already tried: [water, frame motor, block breaker, mining turtle, deployer (klein star-powered: {RM shovel, red morning star})] (break crops, harvests nothing), [piston, filter, transposer, retriever, deployer (nothing, hoe, klein star-powered: {all other RM tools}), wooden transport pipe, harvest band, ring of arcana, void ring] (no effect)

2) Code a replacement function in ComputerCraft to fix player tracking in CCSensors. No outside-game or Java solutions accepted. Sensors detect entity coordinates under the TargetInfo probe without the player name, and player info under the Players probe without coordinates, so I see little way to link the two without fixing the functionality, short of using distance info in player info to actually triangulate someone's position. Running "gps host" from 4 computers will not work for triangulating players, only computers/turtles.

$100 for a solution that fixes player tracking.

$50 for a compact, high quality triangulation solution.

Tekkit Classic uses ccSensors MC125 Build 016, by yoskaz01, according to the help file in the ccSensors mod folder. There are 3 API's under ccSensors\api that may be of possible use, but the proximity sensor module data itself seems to be stored in the Java class file at ccSensors\ccSensors\shared\sensorModules\SensorModule_Proximity.class. Hoping the variables and functions there can be overwritten in ComputerCraft ingame...somehow...seems like quite a stretch overwriting Java functions with Lua though. Link to yoskaz01's profile at

Thanks and congratulations to Sir Vyvin for solving this challenge on June 1, 2019! $100 rewarded!

3) Find a way to rapidly discharge lapotron crystals or power machines with them at far faster than normal speeds, without using a massive MFSU/Charging Bench Mk3 setup to discharge them en masse. At 1 million EU capacity and 600 EU/t discharge rate in a MFSU/Charging Bench Mk3, a lapotron crystal takes 83.33 seconds to fully discharge, which is far too slow.

$75 for discharging at 1 million EU/t.

$50 for discharging at 125,000 EU/t or higher.

$25 for discharging at higher than 600 EU/t.

- Am aware of overclocked energy loaders/unloaders' ability to charge/discharge an MFSU cart at massive speeds of over 28,000 EU/t, but unfortunately, that only charges/discharges MFSU carts, not lapotron crystals inside them. However, this still seems like a promising area to look into, since those are the only blocks I've ever seen that can charge/discharge at such massive speeds.

4) Make an accurate TNT cannon with a range of 150-160m. Max range must be 160m or lower, as the worst case max range for the 10 chunks default chunk loading distance is 160m! Please test any solutions extensively, as there seems to be a weird behavior going on where sometimes, my TNT cannon accurately shoots 150-160m, then when I reset my server, it suddenly shoots 130-140m or 170-180m for no explainable reason. What may work for you at first will very likely not continue working sometime later.

$75 for a consistent, accurate solution with a range of 150-160m.

$50 for a consistent, semi-accurate solution with a range of 140-160m.

- Compressing all TNT into a single block seems to actually have a NEGATIVE effect on accuracy. Read somewhere that in Minecraft v1.2.5, compression actually causes TNT to disappear at random (though I can't verify this statement), which might explain this strange effect. My exact same TNT cannon built in Tekkit Lite (for Minecraft v1.4.7) has far better accuracy than in Tekkit Classic (for Minecraft v1.2.5), at under 5 blocks forward/backward spread and 0 block left/right spread, so clearly, a TNT cannon solution must be specific for Minecraft v1.2.5.

Thanks and congratulations to MyNameIsTrez for solving this challenge on April 4, 2021! $75 rewarded!

5) Generate copies of damaged items using EMC, such as damaged diamond armors. Need to know how to convert EMC into damaged items, not damaged items into EMC. The method must also allow for the item to be automatically extracted via filter or wooden transport pipe. Solutions that repair the damaged items first or duplicate them via dupe exploit are not accepted.

$50 for a working solution.

- Already tried: [condenser] (no effect), [transmutation tablet (stationary/portable)] (can generate damaged items, but cannot be automatically extracted from)

6) Change launch force on Railcraft launcher tracks without right-clicking with a crowbar. Solutions involving "changing" launch force by moving a line of launcher tracks via frame motor are not accepted.

$25 for a ComputerCraft-compatible solution, i.e. a solution that allows for changing of launch force via computer or turtle, whether directly or indirectly.

- Attempted using a deployer with crowbar, to no effect.

7) Find any way to redstone output to the right side of a wireless turtle, possibly by overwriting some turtle function that controls this in Computercraft or something. No outside-game or Java solutions accepted.

$25 for a working solution.

8) Find any way to block off or disable a side of a wooden transport pipe, like how pneumatic tubes can be blocked off with covers/panels. Must be done on the same block the wooden transport pipe is occupying, so iron transport pipes and such are not accepted.

$25 for a working solution.

9) Destroy lava pumped from BC pumps quickly, without using some indirect solution like pumping them into a tank/pipe/some other container and then destroying the container the lava is in. Looking for a solution that directly and simply destroys the lava, the same way an incinerator destroys all items fed into it. Other solutions such underwater upgraded forcefields to destroy them en masse unneeded.

$25 for a working solution.

- Attempted using water strainers to destroy lava, like how they destroy water when oil is pumped in, to no effect.

Solar Panel Factory Engineering Challenge:                                                     Payout of $200 USD

Design a more efficient solar panel factory than mine, as shown on Efficiency will be defined as production rate divided by cubic volume. For example, as my 3x5x5 factory (75 blocks cubic volume) produces 2 solar panels per second, its efficiency is 2 / 75 = 0.0266 solars/s per block. Your design must be able to indefinitely sustain a production rate of exactly 2 or 2.5 solar panels a second (via a timer at 0.5 or 0.4s) to qualify, meaning no cheating by prestocking stacks of items in tables or chests beforehand to get an artificial burst in production rate. In addition, it must be stackable in at least one dimension, as well as include a tube network connecting to all condensers in order for the factory to receive EMC, in form of RM. EMC generation, EU supply, and timer(s) for redstone signal need not count towards the total size of the factory. For any further clarification, message me. The first person to complete this challenge will be paid a generous reward of $200 USD.

As of June 2018, I have finally beaten my own engineering challenge after 4.5 years, so this challenge is no longer open. v3 is now the most bleeding edge factory technology, and has improvements across the board in power requirements, EMC usage efficiency, compactness, and more. It is now 3x4x5 (60 blocks cubic volume) and still produces at 2 solar panels per second, so it now has an efficiency of 0.0333 solars/s per block, 1.25x more efficient than v2.3. At the same time, I also discovered a groundbreaking technology that allows a theoretical v4 to possibly be even more compact than v3, so there is much work to do! I might consider reopening this challenge once I finish designing v3 and v4, but until then, this challenge will be closed indefinitely.