The Uranium Cell is the main component of nuclear fission in a Nuclear Reactor. Every Uranium Cell has the potential to produce enormous amounts of energy. During the process of fission, the Cell generates excessive amounts of heat, which must be eliminated by the use of different cooling elements such as Integrated Heat Dispersers and Coolant Cells.

Uranium Cells produce 10 EU/heat per tick (20 EU/heat if next to 1 other Uranium Cell, 30 EU/heat if next to 2 other Uranium Cells, etc.) (This behaviour can be customized inside the config files) and between 2-10 million EU per cycle (2 hours and 47 minutes real time). However, placing reactor cooling elements directly adjacent to Uranium Cells will affect their heat generation, with every directly adjacent cooling element beyond the first reducing a Uranium Cell's heat generation by 20% for up to a 60% reduction.

The Uranium Cell can be obtained either by combining Refined Uranium with an Empty Cell, or combining a Re-Enriched Uranium Cell with Coal Dust.


Empty Cell

Refined Uranium

Uranium Cell

You can also combine Re-Enriched Uranium Cells with Coal Dust.

Re-Enriched Uranium Cell

Coal Dust

Uranium Cell

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