• Mining Wells
  • Quarry
  • Pumps
Tekkit includes several machines which will dig holes in the ground or move liquid automatically, allowing you to do other things while they work.

Note that automated mining machines are slow, unselective and power hungry compared to mining by hand.


Grid Landmark Used to mark an area where a Quarry will mine.


Grid Quarry The Quarry is an automated mining device that can mine an area that you select. You can attach pipes to retrieve the blocks that it mines. Mining with a Quarry is about 100 times more costly per ore block excavated than mining by hand.

Pump (Buildcraft)

Grid Pump (BC) A Pump will move liquids such as Oil, Lava and Water through a pipe. The pipe must be "waterproofed" by adding Pipe Waterproof to it first. Buildcraft Pumps can be powered by Redstone Engines, making this an easily automated way to move liquids around.

Miner (Industrial Craft 2)

Grid Miner A Miner will dig straight down similar to the Mining Well, but it can also be upgraded to seek out nearby ores using an OD Scanner or OV Scanner. A miner is about 10 times more costly per ore block extracted than mining by hand.