Tungsten is a naturally spawning, rare mineral added by RedPower2. It has a strong resemblance of Coal and can only be distinguished by its lack of black definition and different texture.

Tungsten is considered to be most common near bedrock; however, this is not proven. Its rarity makes it scarcer than both Diamonds and Uranium. It can be collected with an Iron Pickaxe or better. At this time, the only use for Tungsten is to convert into EMC. It has an EMC value of 16,384, which is worth two Diamonds.  The creator of RedPower2 has indicated that Tungsten will have a use in a future update of the mod.


  • In reality, Tungsten is an extremely hard metal with an array of interesting physical properties, including the highest melting point of any non-alloy metal (3,422° Celsius). For this reason, it is commonly used in light bulbs. Also, because of its notable hardness, tungsten carbide alloy tool bits are primarily used in machine tooling of hard materials, alloys, and steels.  Tungsten is also used in computer chips for filling high aspect ratio holes as Tungsten only likes to stick to itself.
  • The name "Tungsten" comes from the two Danish words "Tung" and "Sten", which directly translates to "heavy stone."
  • Tungsten has the chemical symbol of W, coming from German where Tungsten is called 'Wolfram'. It's Atomic Number is 74.

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