• Hey folks,

    I want to build an automatic machine run by a computer. The only problem that is left is that i don't know how long the redstone engine takes to warm up. I've tried different things ,but none is accurate enough. I need the exact time in ticks how long the engine need's to change from

    - the blue to the green phase

    - the green to the yellow phase

    - and the yellow phase to the yellow-red phase

    Please keep in mind that the time must be in ticks and very accurate.

    If someone could somehow find out how many ticks I need in each phase to get to the next. I would be really thankful for that. 


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    • There is no reason you should be using something as inferior and unrefined as Buildcraft redstone engines and pipes when you could get pinpoint results with Redpower components.

      Need to pump out one item at a time? Use the Redpower transposer.

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    • forgot to login when posting above*

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