• So I run a private Tekkit Classic (3.1.2) server with my two brothers, and we need to be able to keep two separate areas loaded all the time, whenever the server is running. We have a dimensional anchor in each area set to 9x9 to affect everything that we need it to, but upon starting the server up the dimensional anchors only start up when a player approaches them for the first time. We've got a bunch of redstone, ComputerCraft, and nuclear power stuff set up, so it's critical that these two areas are loaded all the time.

    I've tried setting the owner of the dimensional anchors from myself to the server, but whenever the server is reset the ownership will be back with me. In the immibis.cfg the chunks loaded per player was originally 0, so as the OP only I could use them, so I changed it to 9000 but am still unable to set ownership to the server.

    I've tried keeping the dimensional anchors loaded with world anchors, but I notice the same thing with world anchors that they don't start working upon a server restart until a player gets near them. Also this is obviously SMP, but I have never experienced any problems with dimensional and world anchors like so many people seem to have. If there's anything I can do or configure in the server files that anyone knows of, I would gladly appreciate the help.

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    • If your shutting down the server while a chunk is force loaded. Then the server purges the chunk from memory(still in world but not loaded). Which is why when you start it up. The player(s) have to load the same chunk as the anchor to force load the chunk.

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    • That makes sense. Is there a way to have the server force load certain chunks then whenever it's started up again, or is the only way to have a player load a chunk within an anchor?

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    • That I do not know. But you must always have to go to every anchor to start up the chunk loading

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