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Created by the Technic team, Tekkit Classic is a modpack for the record breaking sandbox construction game Minecraft. It brings together some of the best mods from the Minecraft community for automating, industrializing and powering your worlds and bundles them into one easy download!

Tekkit Classic runs on a base of Minecraft 1.2.5 and has Bukkit inbuilt, so the full range of Bukkit Pluggins are available for server owners.

Please note that this wiki only covers Tekkit Classic. It does not cover Tekkit Lite or the latest in the Tekkit series "Tekkit".

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  • discussion page Pump on combustion engines.
    created by Eekee 2 days ago


    How many combustion engines can a pump being powered by an MFE or an MFSU keep cooled 24/7?  



    I couldn't tell you that specifically because I haven't used IC2 pumps to cool engines, but I can tell you each BuildCraft pump can c... 

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You must have a premium Minecraft account, before you can play Tekkit. Once you have that, go and download the Technic Platform to get started.

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