The Talisman of Repair is an item that will repair your tools and armor. If the Talisman of Repair is in your inventory, it will repair your damaged item right before the item breaks. In doing this, the Talisman consumes one Covalence Dust, corresponding to the table below. Unlike many of the items of power, the Talisman of Repair does not have to be on your hotbar to work. It will work from anywhere in your inventory.

2 x 1 (Low Covalence Dust) + 2 x 8 (Medium Covalence Dust) + 2 x 208 (High Covalence Dust) + 2 x 12 (String) + 1 x 32 (Paper) = 490 EMC each.


Low Covalence


High Covalence

Medium Covalence


Medium Covalence

High Covalence


Low Covalence

Talisman of Repair


Repairing in the player inventory is based on the damage basis which depends on the tool. Every tool has a different level of damage set before the repairing process is triggered. When a tool (armor) is damaged to that level or below and the player has the corresponding type of Covalence Dust in the inventory, tool is completely repaired to 100% consuming 1x of the corresponding Covalence Dust during process.

Low covalence dust.png Low Covalence Dust

Wooden and Stone Tools, Fishing Rod, Leather Armor, shears and treetap

Medium covalence dust.png Medium Covalence Dust Iron, Gold, Ruby, Bronze (IC2), Emerald, Sapphire Tools and Armor, Flint & Steel, and Shears
High covalence dust.png High Covalence Dust

Diamond Tools and Armor

Advanced uses

Adding a Talisman of Repair to an Alchemical Chest will allow it to repair all items within for no EMC cost. This repair occurs constantly over time, at a rate of one point per second. It repairs all tools simultaneously, so it can be used to devote an Alchemical Chest to repairing all your damaged gear. The Talisman of Repair will also work with an Alchemy Bag to repair your tools whilst in your inventory.

Putting the talisman on a Pedestal will automatically repair items in your inventory in a certain range.

The Talisman of Repair can repair:

All Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Bronze, and Diamond Pickaxes, Axes, Shovels, Hoes, Sickles, Handsaws, RE batteries (Bug?), Sword, and Armor. As well as, IC2 Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Sonic Screwdrivers (Bug?), Fishing Rod, Bow, Musket (with or without bayonet), blunderbuss, shears, crowbars, Athames, Flint and Steel, Treetaps, Weed-Ex, Paint, Lootball, Bore Heads and anything with a durability that isn't an electric or Bluectric tool.

Video Tutorials


Talisman of Repair Tutorial


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