The Retriever can be considered as a remote Filter. It will retrieve items from the nearest inventory connected to the tube network on the input side, the same way as a Filter would retrieve it from an inventory directly connected to it. This can enable the same tubes to act as a delivery system as well as a reception mechanism, even in tight spaces.

The input can be easily identified as it is orange. The output can easily be identified as it is grey.


A retriever used in a water mill filling circuit. The retrieving end is coloured orange.


How To Operate It

A Retriever can be powered with Blutricity and needs a redstone pulse; it will not function otherwise.

Small Space Management

The retriever is usually used in areas where space is an issue. It allows you to remove items from inventories without using a filter next to an object, so it can be used to make a central retrieval hub. This allows you to control everything from a central location.

Using As A Personal Inventory Finder

To retrieve an object from an inventory simply place it in the GUI. This could be easily used as a way to find necessary items from a very large inventory room. This could be done by having a kind of one of each item chest, which could be placed into the GUI to find an item in your chest systems. This would mean something could easily be found if a player is too lazy to actually put something away in the right chest.

Operation Modes


Retriever Anystack Sequential mode

AnyStack Sequential

When the Retreiver is set to AnyStack Sequential, the slider moves from slot to slot horizontally from top left to bottom right, until it can satisfy an item or number of items (e.g. a stack). It then proceeds back to the top left hand corner.


Retriever Anyitem mode

AnyItem Mode

When set to AnyItem mode, the Retriever will attempt to satisfy any item in the grid by moving through each slot in turn.

Avoiding Errors

If two Retrievers are close to each other on the tube network and are retrieving the same item, items will default to the closest valid destination. For example, one Retriever sends two Redstone Dusts to an ACT for Circuits, and another sends two for Batteries, the items being retrieved by either Retriever will be sent to the closest Crafting Table. In this situation it is best to add Retrievulators inline between the Crafting Tables and Retrievers.

It is advised to have all Retrievers collect at least one item, even if you place an item that is likely to be impossible to enter the current tubing system; e.g. a block of obsidian in a farm. This stops the wrong items leaving through an empty, yet powered retriever.


Crafting GUI.png

Brass Ingot

Ender Pearl

Iron Ingot



Blue Alloy Ingot

Brass Ingot

Ender Pearl

Iron Ingot


Video aid/tutorial

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Tekkit Classic - Walkthrough - The Megalith Facility

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