Remote Sensor Kit is the combination of two tools; Remote Sensor and Reactor Sensor Location Card. This is considered very useful in the Nuclear Control mod.


Use a kit on reactor (right click) to mount a sensor and receive a location card. A Reactor Sensor Location Card should be placed to the Remote Thermal Monitor in the top-right slot or to the Industrial Information Panel as a data source. If you don't need the Reactor Sensor Location Card any more - you can put it in any slot of a crafting table to get 2 Electronic Circuits back.

If a reactor sensor location card is placed in a Industrial Information Panel, it will display information about the nuclear reactor it is linked to.


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Digital Thermometer

Frequency Transmitter

Remote Sensor Kit

Video Tutorials

Гайд по Industrial Craft 2 - Information panel (Информационная панель)

Гайд по Industrial Craft 2 - Information panel (Информационная панель)

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