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Rei's Minimap is a Minecraft mod made by ReiFNSK, which provides a Minimap on the Minecraft Screen. It has many functions, including adding waypoints and checking for slime-spawning chunks.

Minimap Interface

The Minimap is displayed at the top right of the player's screen. The Minimap displays a bird's-eye view of where the player is with a red arrow, and displays the land features of the biomes around the player. In addition, it displays the coordinates of the player's current position on the map.


When the player presses the Menu Key, which is displayed below the Minimap, a menu appears. This menu allows the player to perform several actions, including:

  • Accessing Waypoints
  • Configuring Minimap Settings
  • Enabling Death Point Waypoints which indicate the location where the player last died
  • Enabling/Disable Features of Rei's Minimap
  • Updating the Minimap
  • Changing the Minimap's appearance
  • Changing the Keyboard Controls for the Minimap

Minimap Features

Rei's Minimap has many features, all of which are useful in their own way.


Rei's Minimap allows the player to set Waypoints at their current position so they do not have to remember where a place is located. The player can add a Waypoint in two different ways: pressing the add Waypoint button (defaults to Comma), or accessing the Waypoint menu from the Minimap menu, then pressing Add Waypoint. Waypoints can be named as well as color coded. 

Waypoints exist both on the Minimap, and as well as on the actual terrain.

Slime-Chunk Displays

Rei's Minimap also allows the player to view which chunks spawn Slimes, by enabling the option in the Menu. This option does not work in SMP.

Entity Radar

Entity Radar, when enabled, displays what Entities are around the player, including but not limited to:

  • Aggressive Mobs
  • Passive Mobs
  • Other Players

Entity Radar does not work in SMP.

Death Point

If Death Point is enabled in the Minimap Options, Rei's Minimap will automatically create a Waypoint at the location of the player's last death.


Should Cave-Mapping be enabled in the Options, the Minimap will instead map out caves beneath the player. 

Video Tutorial