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  • Tube Projector
  • Area Projector
  • Directional Projector
  • MFFS Deflector

The MFFS Projectors are machines which emit a forcefield. There are several different types of projectors and each of them emits a different shape of forcefield.

All projectors, with the obvious exception of an Area Projector, project primarily in the direction that the front of the block is facing. This is the face which has the design on it. They are placed on the ground with respect to where the player is standing. The orientation can be changed with a MFDevice.


To connect a Projector to its Core, you must craft a Blank MFFS Card. The card must then be placed in the slot on the Forcefield Core's GUI, which sets the frequency to that of the core. The card can then be placed in any projector, which links it to the power in the core.

MFFS Area Projector

The MFFS area projector creates either a cube or a sphere centred on the projector. The GUI can change which shape and the size of the field. The higher the size the MFFS area projector is set to, the more power will be required to run it. However, the maximum size of the field is 32, reguardless of how much power is available to the MFFS area projector.

Directional Forcefield Projector

This projector produces a single forcefield block or a line of block directly in front, or starting up to ten blocks away from it. This in itself can be rather useless, but when it is combined with its main upgrade, the MFFS Directional Extender, it can be quite useful.

Tube Forcefield Projector

This projector creates a square tunnel-shaped field with diameter 2-5 blocks, up to 32 blocks out from it. It can be either 32 blocks in one direction, or 64 blocks centered on itself (in the same direction). This field does not allow other fields inside it, so it can be used to make entrances into other fields.

MFFS Deflector (Projector)

This projector creates a "wall" shaped field, in either a horizontal or vertical position. This wall can be up to 10 blocks away from the projector itself. The size of the field is controlled through its GUI, and both X and Y direction can be specified.

Reactor Containment Field Projector

This is an extremely valuable tool for those with reactors. It creates either a 3x3x3 or a 5x5x5 field around it's linked nuclear reactor either when a redstone current is applied, or it will automatically activate when the reactor has reached 75% of it's maximum heat tolerance.

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