Lava Cells can be used as a stackable and safer alternative to Lava Buckets, as they cannot accidentaly spill. They can also be placed in Geothermal Generators to output 20,000 EU at a rate of 20 EU/t, or can be used together with Water Cells to craft Obsidian.


Crafting GUI.png

Empty Cell

Lava Bucket

Lava Cell

Note: The Bucket is not consumed. You can also right click on a source lava block with an Empty Cell to obtain a Lava Cell.

Lava Cells, unlike most other IndustrialCraft items, are compatible with the Energy Condenser from Equivalent Exchange, with an EMC value of 128. This means they can be mass produced in an Energy Condenser out of anything.


Water Cells and Lava Cells can be crafted together to form Obsidian, without requiring a diamond tool to later break the Obsidian. Be aware that all 4 cells are consumed when crafting. The recipe is shapeless.

Crafting GUI.png

Lava Cell

Water Cell

Water Cell

Lava Cell


Lava Cells can also be used in a Geothermal Generator to output 20,000 EU at a rate of 20 EU/t.


Input -
Output 20 EU/t
Storage 20,000 EU


  • Using an Energy Collector, Energy Condenser (for Lava Cells), Transposer, Pneumatic Tubes, and a Geothermal Generator, you can generate infinite energy. If you use an MFE Unit and some transformers, you can increase the packet size to 32, meaning the machines will take the most energy without upgrades or exploding.

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