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Powered on left, non-powered on right.

The Golden Transport Pipe, when powered by redstone, will accelerate items that pass through it. The item will be boosted for 16 blocks, gradually slowing down until the 16th block, then return to normal speed. The boost will last twice as long in Stone Pipes. This decreases the time it takes for an item to reach its destination, though it will cause items ejected from a pipe to be thrown further as well.

Gold Pipes can be waterproofed (with Pipe Waterproof), and turned into Conductive Pipes (With Redstone Dust). Waterproofing a Gold Pipe will result in a Gold Waterproof Pipe.

A gold pipe will not connect to another gold pipe, but can connect to any other pipe. This can be useful when connecting stone pipes to cobblestone pipes.

When using gold transport pipes, it is advisable to use stone pipes over cobblestone pipes for speed. This is because the length of an item sped up in a stone pipe is approximately 39 blocks, whilst cobblestone pipes only go 19 blocks.


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Gold Ingot


Gold Ingot

Gold Pipe


Video Tutorial

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - BuildCraft Itempipes

Minecraft Tekkit Classic Tutorial DE HD - BuildCraft Itempipes

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