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The Energy Condenser duplicates items with EMC values using other items with EMC values. The top-left slot is where the item to be duplicated is placed. Then, any item put in its other 91 Inventory slots will be converted into the target item, should there be enough EMC. Condensers can also use EMC created from adjacent Antimatter Relays and Energy Collectors. If there are no slots remaining in the Energy Condenser, it stops condensing items.

The Energy Condenser can instantly fill all of its inventory slots with the item in the target slot, provided it has enough EMC stored to do so.

The Energy Condenser is able to convert items to EMC at a rate of 20 items per second or 1 item per game tick.

The Energy Condenser can activate the power of the following EE Power Items:

The Energy Condenser has 91 inventory slots, 13 less than the Alchemical Chest, which has 104.

Energy Condensers are commonly used in EMC-Generator setups. RedPower2 Machines and BuildCraft3 Pipes can extract/receive items from Energy Condensers.

Due to the Energy Condenser's maximum limit of 10,000,000 EMC, a Klein Star Omega cannot be created using an Energy Condenser; you must either use a Transmutation Tablet, or condense Klein Star Spheres and craft Klein Star Omegas.

When using a steam engine to pull items out of the Energy Condenser, only one item will be pulled out instead of 16.






Alchemical Chest





Energy Condenser

Raw Materials Needed
6 Grid Diamond.png Diamond
4 Grid Obsidian.png Obsidian
1 Grid Coal.png Coal
1 Grid Charcoal.png Charcoal
8 Grid Cobblestone.png Cobblestone
1 Grid Redstone.png Redstone Dust
3 Grid Iron.png Iron
2 Grid Stone.png Stone
8 Grid Wooden Planks.png Wooden Planks

9 diamonds are required if you include the cost of a diamond pickaxe to obtain the obsidian.


  • Using an Advanced Wooden Transport Pipe set to suck the same type as the target will suck the target. Other BuildCraft Pipes do not have this problem and also do not suck items that are not the target.
  • If you use a Klein Star Omega as fuel, the Energy Condenser may start to bug.
  • There are occasions on SMP where an item duplicates twice, though the second duplicate disappears when taken out.

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