Diamond pipe with pipes

A Diamond Pipe (center), surrounded by 4 Stone Pipes.

The Diamond Transport Pipe is a Buildcraft Pipe that is used for filtering, sorting, and distributing items. Objects that pass into it can be sent to a specific colored output, which is configurable by its right-click GUI. They can be connected with up to six other Pipes of any kind, with each connected Pipe having its own output color. Like the Obsidian Pipe, the Diamond Transport Pipe cannot be waterproofed.

While expensive to craft, Diamond Transport Pipes can be very useful for players who depend heavily on Quarries, or require some other automatic heavy duty sorting solution.

Diamond Transport Pipe GUI

The Diamond Transport Pipe's GUI.


Crafting GUI.png




Diamond Pipe



The Diamond Transport Pipe can be connected to other Buildcraft pipes, and each new connection becomes color-coded. Right-clicking on the Pipe will open its GUI, where up to 9 items can be selected per color-coded output, with up to 5 outputs available (as at least one color would be reserved for input). If an item has no match, it will be routed out of a color that has no filter; if all colors are used, the item will be rejected and dropped on the ground.

Multiples of an item can also be placed in the same row to distribute items via ratios. For example, if 2 Cobblestone are placed in the yellow filter, and 1 Cobblestone is placed in the green filter, 2/3 of the Cobblestone will go to the yellow output, and 1/3 will go to the green output.


Rarely, Diamond Transport Pipes can experience a client-side glitch, in which items appear to go through the Pipe without being sorted properly. The items then continue on until they reach a Chest or similar container. However, opening the chest reveals that the items are correctly sorted after all. The glitch is harmless and appears on all clients until the server is restarted.

Video Tutorials

Diamond Transport Pipe - Buildcraft In Minutes

Diamond Transport Pipe - Buildcraft In Minutes

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