The Detector Cable is a special cable which outputs a redstone current when EU is flowing through it.

They are often used to detect if a storage device, such as an MFSU, has reached capacity, or if a Nuclear Reactor has finished a cycle. They are able to handle EU Packets up to 512 with energy loss of 0.5 EU per block, making them inefficient for long distances.

more information is required regarding the function of cable detector.


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Electronic Circuit

4xIns. HV Cable



Detector Cable

Video Tutorial

Tekkit - How To Make And Use All Cables (Basics)

Tekkit - How To Make And Use All Cables (Basics)

Гайд по Industrial Craft 2 - Cables

Гайд по Industrial Craft 2 - Cables


  • If placed directly on an MFE's output face, the detector cable will emit HV current even though this is not normally possible with an MFE, destroying machines unable to accept the current.
  • Sometimes can spamming console with "[INFO] Null Receiver".


  • The use of these is great if you need a compact solution to keep your advanced machines (Induction Furnace, Singularity Compressor, etc.) running.  The only downside is you will have no way to turn them off other than removing the cable, but if you're building these machines in the first place that usually isn't an issue.


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