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Two standard Crops with a Cross Breeding Crop in-between. On right, a Crop with Dandelions growing.

The Crop is used for holding plants and growing seeds. They are also necessary for Cross-Breeding. They can only be placed on tilled dirt, and will only work effectively if the tilled dirt is hydrated (Near a block of water).

To place a Crop, right click on the tilled dirt. A Seed Bag or plant can now be placed on the Crop by right-clicking on the newly placed Crop. For Cross Breeding, right-click to place another Crop on the first one. However, Cross Breeding only works if the Cross-Breeding crop is in-between two other mature plants growing on crops.

Once a plant is fully mature you can right-click to harvest it without destroying the plant. Left clicking the plant will break the plant, and has a chance to drop a Seed Bag. The drop chance for seeds and the items you get from the plant is based on its statistics.

Every plant has a growth, gain, and resist statistic. Each has its own pros and cons.


  • Pro: The higher the Growth statistic of a plant, the faster it grows.
  • Con: The higher the Growth statistic of a plant, the higher the chance of weeds spawning on nearby Crops.

Note: At Growth stat 24 and higher, the plant begins behaving like weeds, destroying nearby crops. Therefore, a recommended ideal Growth stat would be 20-21, to give a reasonable comfort zone for cross-breeding.


  • Pro: The higher the Gain statistic of a plant, the better the drop chance of harvests becomes.
  • Con: The higher the Gain statistic of a plant, the lower the chances of dropping Seed Bags.


  • Pro: The higher the Resist statistic of a plant, the more resistant it is to weeds and being trampled, as well as greatly increasing the chance of the plant dropping at least one Seed Bag.
  • Con: The higher the Resist statistic of a plant, the slower it will cross-breed with other plants.

Note: Crops can still be trampled while sneaking. (Bug/Fixed in 3.1.3)

If an immature crop is trampled, the crop will disappear without dropping any seeds.

You can find out the statistics of your seed bags by using a Cropnalyser


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