The Composite Vest is a piece of armor that can be related to modern bullet-proof vests.

The Composite Vest provides 3 Armor Points (like an Iron Chestplate), however, it's much more durable than a Diamond Chestplate, as it takes up to 801 Damage Points, as opposed to the Diamond Chestplate's 529.

The Composite Vest is the only piece of the set.

This item can be enchanted just as Vanilla armor can. The Composite Vest could be considered a better choice than a Diamond Chestplate due to its better durability, however some players may prefer the higher armor rating of the Diamond Chestplate.

Like other pieces of armor, this can be repaired using the Talisman of Repair.


It is greenish-grey in color and looks a bit like Reinforced Stone. The inside seems to be made of Leather.


When you wear only the Composite Vest, you will die from a Creeper Explosion that is 1 block away from the player on Easy, Medium, and Hard. A Zombie causes 1 heart on Easy,1½ hearts on Medium, and 2½ hearts on Hard. A Skeleton's Arrow hit causes 1 heart on Easy, 1½ hearts on Medium, and 2 hearts on Hard. A Spider causes 1 heart on Easy, Normal, and Hard.


Crafting GUI.png

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Leather Tunic

Iron Chestplate

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Composite Vest


The player wearing a Composite Vest.

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