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TubeStuff is a mod made by Immibis which adds small, useful blocks for Item Transport systems. It has full tBuildCraft3 and RedPower2 support. Most of the blocks it adds streamline the Piping system of both RedPower and BuildCraft.

Items in TubeStuff

Buffer (TubeStuff)

The Buffer easily allows piping systems to interact with other mods without problem. In addition, it combines non-64 stacks together to reduce lag and improve efficiency.

It does not require a Redstone Engine to output into a Wooden Transport Pipe ; instead, it automatically outputs items into the Wooden Transport Pipe. In addition, it will provide a Redstone Signal to an adjacent Filter .

Automatic Crafting Table MKII

The Automatic Crafting table MKll is an upgrade to BuildCraft's Automatic Crafting Table . The MKII can automatically craft items, should enough materials are being given to it. In it's GUI, there is a regular 3x3 Crafting Table. Once materials are placed in the template, it will use materials to start Automatically Crafting items. It has five slots to hold materials, each slot corresponding to the side that the items are coming from; the four sides are input slots, the bottom slot outputs buckets used after crafting, and the top is the output.

Black Hole Chest

The Black Hole Chest is a Chest that can store an infinite amount of items, with "pages" to store them in. It does not drop any items within it to be destroyed.

It is advised against using the Black Hole Chest, as it creates severe lag, can reset chunks without warning, and may crash the client.


The Incinerator destroys any item piped to it, much like Lava or the Void. Though, it is recommended not to use it should the item have EMC, since the item can then be piped to an Energy Condenser .


The Duplicator is a non-craftable item which can only be spawned in using the /give command. It duplicates the target item if a piping system is attached to it. Wooden Transport Pipes and Transposers will take out one item at a time, but all other Piping-related mechanisms will output the specified amount.


The Retrievulator is a machine which facilitates the workings of a Retriever .

The side with the large hole is the input, and it should be touching the output side of a Retriever . The side with the smaller hole is the output. It should be touching an item with an inventory, such as a chest.

The Retrievulator has Three Inventory areas in its GUI:

  • The T(arget) area, which should contan the items you want to keep in the output inventory.
  • The R(etriever) area, which should match the layout of the Target area, albeit with only one block.
  • The Single Inventory Space, this is only used for coding purposes. Do Not Touch.

The Retrievulator will automatically apply Redstone Pulses to the Retriever, as well as modifying the grid of the Retriever. If the conditions of the Target area are met, the Retrievulator stops the Retriever using a Jammer.

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