RedPower World adds several new ores, blocks, and structures that are used as materials in machines, new tools and future unreleased content. There are eight new ores and gems generated: Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Tin, Copper, Silver, Nikolite and Tungsten. Another block generated by Redpower World is Marble, which is generally found in caves and replaces the stone in these areas. Additionally a new structure generated is the Volcano which has a reservoir of lava inside, similar to an oil deposit. It also replaces surface material forming an obvious Volcano shape and is composed of basalt; basalt can also be generated in a flood plain formation.

The remaining new objects are plants and trees; the rubberwood tree, flax and indigo flower.RedPower world is 1 part out of 5 in the RedPower2 mod. Redpower2 Core, Redpower wiring+logic, RedPower World, RedPower Machine and RedPower control.

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