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RedPower 2 is a massive mod created by Eloraam. At its core, it greatly expands and improves the functionality of redstone in Minecraft by adding common circuits abstracted to single blocks and more modular redstone cabling. These additions, in general, allow for more complex and compact circuit designs that would have been almost impossible in vanilla Minecraft. It also adds multiple machines with functions as diverse as sorting items, breaking blocks, and detecting state changes. RedPower has its own power system called blutricity made specifically for powering these machines. It adds multiple new ores, new natural structures, new tools, and many new blocks. All considered, RedPower 2 is easily the biggest and most multi-purpose mod included in Tekkit. It is important to note that to play Redpower properly on a server, the server owner must op the mod itself, by typing, '/Op [redpower]' and also '/Op [redpower2]'. This is because some redpower machines, such as the Deployer, need permission to interact with the environment.

RedPower2's Naturally Generated Items:

What RedPower2 adds to Minecraft's naturally generated world:

RedPower2's New Craftable Blocks

  • Alloy Furnace: The smelting appliance for RedPower2 recipes.
  • Red Alloy Wire: A more conductive (16x, or 256 blocks) form of redstone wire that can be placed on any side of a block. It can also be color-coded so that wires can be placed next to each other without interfering, allowing for great cable management. The color-coded wires can be combined to make wire that is useful for saving space.
  • Micro Blocks: A way to cut blocks in the game into slices and shapes of varying sizes! It is an invaluable resource for the architectural perfectionist. If sliced thin enough, sub blocks can act as a way of covering up blocks with RedPower2 circuitry occupying them, allowing for nicer looking designs.
  • Logic Circuits: Single block abstractions of common redstone logic circuits. Includes everything from the basic AND gate to the advanced circuits like sequencers and multiplexers. A godsend for any redstone enthusiast wanting to make more complex designs, with less space, and in less time.
  • Lighting Blocks: Imagine if wool blocks could have the luminescence of glowstone. That's basically what lighting blocks are. Great for indicator lights and colored displays. Cannot emit colored light though.
  • Array Circuits: Similar to the logic blocks. These circuits take two signals crossing over the same block and determines the output of those two signals.
  • Various Machines: Machines that can help automate everything under the sun.
  • Support Frames: Allows for customized moving machines to be made beyond the regular machines offered through the RedPower2 mod.

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