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Top: BatBox, MFE Unit, MFS Unit / Bottom: RE-Battery (Charged), RE-Battery (Uncharged), Energy Crystal (Charged), Energy Crystal (Uncharged), Lapotron Crystal (Charged), Lapotron Crystal (Uncharged), Single-Use Battery, LapPack

EU storage devices come in both fixed and portable forms and are used to store EU (Electrical Units) produced by the various EU generators from the Industrial Craft 2 Mod.

Name Capacity (EU)
MFSU Cart 10,000,000
MFS Unit 10,000,000
Lapotron Crystal 1,000,000
MFE Cart 600,000
MFE Unit 600,000
LapPack 300,000
Energy Crystal 100,000
BatPack 60,000
BatBox Cart 40,000
BatBox 40,000
Electrolyzed Water Cell 13,500
RE-Battery 10,000
Generator 4,000
Single-Use Battery 1,000

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