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Advanced machines are upgrades of the 4 basic machines (Compressor, Macerator, Extractor, and Electric Furnace), that can be speedy without using overclocker upgrades. This is handy because it elliminates the use of overclockers, and limit the amount that can be used at one time. On certain machines there are multiple input and output slots, which may by used with Pneumatic Tubing for automated processing.


Advanced machines use the basic version of the machine, combined with an advanced machine block, combined with a few other things (varying from machine to machine) to be crafted. For example, a standard Macerator, Advanced Machine Block, and Refined Iron will make a Rotary Macerator .


Advanced machines build up speed over time, and speed can be seen by the number that goes up as the machine is used. E.G.: RPM in a Rotary Macerator or Heat Percent in an Induction Furnace. Each machine has a limit, which can be raised by placing Overclocker Upgrades in the upgrade slots. Unfortunately, the machines need to be constantly running to maintain its speed which can be achieved by applying a redstone signal; this uses a small amount of EU (8 EU/T). If the machine is shut off, the speed will decrease, causing the machine to slow down and eventually halt.

Video Tutorials:

Tekkit Tutorial Part 6 Advanced Machines

Tekkit Tutorial Part 6 Advanced Machines

Farmboy456: These machines make a great later in the game goal to get. I recomend having at least 1 MV solar array(equivalent of 64 normal solar panels) because these machines all eat up 3 EU/t to maintain there speed.

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