Canning Machine

The Canning Machine puts food into Tin Cans, which like normal food, can be stacked up to 64. It also is used to refill Fuel Cans and Jetpacks.

To start canning, put the food you want to can in the upper slot and the cans in the lower slot and supply power, either by cable or with a battery in the left slot.

Different foods fill a different number of cans, depending on the type of food. The Food List details the different amounts of cans generated for each type of food.

Note that if you're using BuildCraft Pipes there is a bug in IC2 1.337b where the output sides of the Canning Machine are reversed. So if you want to attach a pipe to extract filled cans you need to attach it to the left side of the machine.

There is a bug that when you put a filled can back in the top slot of the machine, it gives you back a filled can, but you lose a can in the slot on the bottom.

Note that if you can poisonous foods or food with effects such as rotten meat, raw chicken and spider eyes, the effects are removed and you can safely eat them.

Food List

Food Type Cans filled Heal Amount (Normal Food)
Cooked Beef(Steak)/Porkchop 4 4
Cooked Chicken 3 3
Cooked Fish 3 2.5
Bread 3 2.5
Mushroom Stew 4 4
Cake 6 6
Raw Pork/Beef 2 1.5
Apple/Rotten Flesh 2 2
Golden apple(nuggets) 2 2
Raw Chicken/Fish 3 2.5
Melon Slice 1 1
Cookie 1 0.5
Spider Eye 1 1

Golden Apples crafted with golden blocks are not recognized because Tekkit isn't updated to 1.3 yet.

(filled)Tin Can

Image of the food list


Crafting GUI.png




Electronic Circuit

Machine Block





Canning Machine

  Raw Materials Needed  
9 Grid Refined Iron Refined Iron
2 Grid Redstone Dust Redstone Dust
3 Grid Copper Copper
7 Grid Tin Tin
6 Grid Rubber Rubber


Supply with food items (top slot) and Tin Cans (bottom slot).


Pipes or tubes can automate loading food into the top of the machine and cans into the bottom, removing filled cans from any side.

Canned Food is opened by right clicking on the filled can while holding it. It will be eaten like normal Minecraft food and you are given back an empty can. Each consumed can of food heals one drumstick of food.

Canning Machines are also used to fill Fuel Cans with fuel cells. Six Coalfuel Cells or Biofuel Cells are required to completely fill an Empty Fuel Can.

Input 32 EU/t
Consumption 608 EU/Can
Output -


608 EU

Maximum Input: 32 EU/t before exploding.

Note: it takes 608 EU to fill a fuel can with 6 fuel cells regardless of the cells type and variable amounts of EU to fill food cans (416 to fill 4 cans with one cooked pork, 352 to fill 3 cans with 1 chicken).

Note: as it can put rotten flesh (and spider eyes) into cans, which can then be eaten without the threat of poisoning, the Canning Machine can allow the hunting of mobs to be a decent food source.

The Canning Machine also puts CF Pellet into CF Sprayer.

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