Canned Food

Canned Food

Canned Food
can be created in a Canning Machine using most foods and Tin Cans. You can eat from a tin can just like all other foods; hold the right mouse button whilst holding a filled can. You even get to keep the can! Each can restores 1 drumstick of hunger and what's even better is that it instantly restores 1 heart irrelevent to your hunger level. When you're canning your food you will get a different amount of filled cans depending on the food used. i.e. cooked porkchop yields 4 cans, while spider eyes produce a lone can. Another great feature of canning your food is that it removes all negative effects from the food, a good example is a spider eye, usally that would poison you and begin to harm you instantly but when it's in a can it is safe. Canning allows you to stack different types of food together in an unlabeled mass. Finally, if you only have 1 drumstick left to fill, eating a cooked chicken, for example, would waste most of it's potential whereas canned foods fill only 1 drumstick, reducing the waste dramatically.


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Canned Food

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