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Blutricity is a portmanteau of the words blue and electricity. Redpower Machines predominantly operate on the Blutricity system. These can be measured in 'amps'.

Blutricity Generation

It has only two blocks that produce power. These are the Solar Panel (RedPower) and the Thermopile.


It should be noted that Blue Alloy Wires lose power when traveling by 0.01 amps per wire. Currently, the amount of blutricity machines require is low compared to the amount of power they can hold internally. Two solar panels may take a minute to fill a battery box, but they would be able to maintain a system of a dozen sorters without difficulty.

Inside Blulectric Machines

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An example of rule #1

In most blulectric machines there are two bars;

Internal Storage

This is represented by a battery icon. This is an indicator of the internal storage of that machine. This will be the total of your Blutricity network.  The internal storage bar must be above the red level before it will power the machine.

Power Consumption. 

This is represented by a lightning bolt icon. This indicates the power consumption of the machine. A full bar will mean the machine operates fastest, an empty bar means it doesn't do anything.  


Video Tutorials

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