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Patric20878 Patric20878 4 April 2021

The Tekkit Classic Wikia's 4th Research Challenge Solved by MyNameIsTrez!

As of April 4, 2021, the Tekkit Classic Wikia's 4th research challenge (worth $75 USD) has been officially solved! Thanks and congratulations to MyNameIsTrez for successfully solving the challenge, as well as being the second person to ever solve a research challenge on the Tekkit Classic Wikia! ! Enjoy your new $75, MyNameIsTrez!

If you think you have what it takes to solve the Tekkit Classic Wikia's research challenges, read about them here and earn up to $325 for solving the remaining challenges!

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GitouttahereStalker GitouttahereStalker 6 November 2019

Tekkit Classic Discord?

Just curious if there is a Discord for Minecraft's best modpack.

Is there one? If not, would anyone have any interest in joining one?

It'd be fun to hang out together in Discord and start our own server together, or the like.

EDIT: One has been made. As seen in the comments, the link is:

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Atomicmutilator Atomicmutilator 10 June 2019

Infobox Templates


I'm going around adding information on infoboxes where I can to fill in the blanks and have a standardized look, and I've noticed that there are two different templates used for the infoboxes, Item and ObjectInfo. It seems ObjectInfo is meant the be the primary one used as it has proper linking to an object's source mod and such, but it lacks the properties used to add physics, transparency, and luminance. These are included in the Item infobox, but that template doesn't have the same linking capabilites as Objectinfo. For some reason, they were removed from Objectinfo, though the Common Templates page still has the example of an ObjectInfo infobox with those properties. I was thinking about adding those properties back to ObjectInfo…

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Patric20878 Patric20878 2 June 2019

The Tekkit Classic Wikia's 2nd Research Challenge Solved by Sir Vyvin!

As of June 1, 2019, the Tekkit Classic Wikia's 2nd research challenge (worth $100 USD) has officially been solved! Thanks and congratulations to Sir Vyvin for successfully solving the challenge, as well as being the first person to ever solve a research challenge on the Tekkit Classic Wikia! Enjoy your new $100, Sir Vyvin!

If you think you have what it takes to solve the Tekkit Classic Wikia's research challenges, read about them here and earn up to $400 for solving the remaining challenges!

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Taazar Taazar 11 February 2019

Even after all these years Tekkit is still fun to play

I got a new computer there recently and one of the first things I installed on it was the Technic Launcher.

Even with all of the new items and features in the newer versons of minecraft and the even more complex mods there are now I still find it fun to come back and play a bit of Tekkit or other packs from Technic every so often. So many memories.

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Dr. Ivo Robotnik Dr. Ivo Robotnik 25 April 2017

Tekkit classic server problems

So, I'm running another tkc server, and I seem to not be able to escape painful bugs. This time, it so happens that some items kick me out of the server, or even freeze the game upon crafting or picking up, for example bows, dm pedestals, those nova bombs and so on, as well as placeable tablets. I do have ways of removing them in case it happens (until that, I had to completely remove the player file in the server), but is there any way of preventing/fixing this? Some of the bugged items would be of use.

Any help welcomed, thanks!

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Dr. Ivo Robotnik Dr. Ivo Robotnik 6 January 2017

Problem chunk

So I've been running a tekkit classic server for some good months with my friends on a laptop, and It's been running surprisingly good, both fps and performancewise.This has been until the point where we've built a large automatic cobblestone factory (it is the largest and most complex of our structures until now, and we've been trying to do everything) and since that, the chunk in which the factory is located began to lag increasingly after a while (It ran good for a time), and at the moment it lags horribly, making it unplayable.Naturally I wouldn't worry a lot but this one chunk is next to the server city, and we can't even mine in it.

My specs are AMD A8- 6410 Radeon r5 graphics, two video cards, AMD Radeon  r5 and r5 m330 respectively,…

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Patric20878 Patric20878 26 December 2016

Tekkit Classic experts and researchers needed!

Hello everyone! We are seeking expert Tekkit Classic players to represent the Tekkit Classic Wikia as part of our ongoing effort to improve the quality of our Wikia pages. As some of you probably know, there are still many pages with errors in them, and so I am looking for those with deep knowledge of the game, many years of experience in Tekkit Classic engineering, and a keen eye to ensure that our Wikia continues to be the best source of information for Tekkit Classic, bar none. If that sounds like you, leave a comment below with your most impressive engineering feats (no architecture please), pioneering discoveries, and anything else impressive you know or have done in Tekkit Classic, as well as your Skype/Discord username, and I will s…

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Dr. Ivo Robotnik Dr. Ivo Robotnik 5 July 2016

Weird performance issue

My issue is that tekkit classic, for me, runs a lot slower on a 2016 laptop than on a 2004-old pc (if I remember correctly).I am generally playing on a world with quite much everything concerning machines built (it is truly a bit laggy world) and I cannot make a server for my friends (thing which I intend to do) beacause of this and RAM allocation also.

The specs come as following.The laptop (4gb ram -- of wich 3 are assigned to tekkit -- APU A8-6410 Quad-Core with R5M330) and the pc (2gb ram Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+).

Thank you!

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Patric20878 Patric20878 24 April 2016

Solar Power Mechanics

There are 24000 ticks in a Minecraft day, which is 24 Minecraft hours long. Since there are 20 ticks per second, a Minecraft day is 1200 seconds, or 20 minutes. Therefore, by the table above, one can calculate that solar power operates for 54.5% of a Minecraft day. Interestingly, IC2's developer must've mistakenly thought 12540 - -540 = 12000 or accidentally made solar power operate 540 ticks before the start of the day instead of after, as those numbers are just too convenient and significant (being exactly half a day cycle) to be mere coincidence!

HV: 512 EU/t * 0.545 = 279.04 EU/t

MV:  64 EU/t * 0.545 =   34.88 EU/t

LV:     8 EU/t * 0.545 =     4.36 EU/t

Macerator/Extractor/Compressor: 16 OC, 3689 EU/t

3689 / 279.04 = ~13.23 HV Solar Arrays


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Patric20878 Patric20878 24 April 2016

Pull Rates of Energy-Linked Wooden Transport Pipes by EU/t

The table below documents the pull rates of energy-linked wooden transport pipes by EU/t. Note that while most inventories can be pulled at a rate of 64 items/t (a full stack every tick!), EE inventories are limited to 1 item/t. Thus, 2 and 160 EU/t provide the power to pull at max rate for the two types of inventory.

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Dr. Ivo Robotnik Dr. Ivo Robotnik 5 March 2016

Please help.World saving problems?

So, it's been four months or so since I played on my tekkit world and it's been some days since I noticed that my world won't save data such as items stored in alchemical bags, items burnt/put in tablets, statistics (wich are always reset after a day or so).What is the cause of this and, in a broader way, what is there to be done?

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Dr. Ivo Robotnik Dr. Ivo Robotnik 23 November 2015


I noticed you can't write cyrilic on signs, is that impossible or?

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CrashDive CrashDive 17 November 2015

So apparently I have a blog...

I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing here. Mabey cool designs I find, RP2 stuff or computercraft code. Mabey all of them. I don't have a clue though so I'll figure something out then come back.

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Harrypee Harrypee 4 November 2015


I've been back on this wiki, and the amount of edits still being made is baffling.

Good job to you guys.

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Dean1393 Dean1393 7 October 2015

Redstone Engines - Time to warm up?

Hey folks,

I want to build an automatic machine run by a computer. The only problem that is left is that i don't know how long the redstone engine takes to warm up. I've tried different things ,but none is accurate enough. I need the exact time how long the engine need's to change from

- the blue to the green phase

- the green to the yellow phase

- and the yellow phase to the yellow-red phase

Please keep in mind that the time must be in ticks and very accurate.

If someone could somehow find out how many ticks I need in each phase to get to the next. I would be really thankful for that. 


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Dr. Ivo Robotnik Dr. Ivo Robotnik 30 April 2015

Force field thingy (not the actual one)

Today I made a large solar array using 30 HV arrays.I connected them to a MFSu through glass fiber and then to a canning machine.Well, it exploded.The actual problem is some kind of force field or barrier wich pushes me back whenever I approach the explosion zone, and is invisible.Pushes me back whatever I try but I am quite sure it's not a bug.Anyone knows how to get rid of it?

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Sir Vyvin Sir Vyvin 20 April 2015

ccSensors - A Long Awaited Update

What's this About?

This my friends, is about the long awaited ccSensors information Update.

What's being done?

if you find yourself asking what's being done? then here let me explain:

After the years of experience I've had with ccSensors, Integration with ComputerCraft and other mods, i've decided the time has come for me to Completely overhaul the Information that's currently listed, with Everything we have learnt.

What's Included?

Everything we know about ccSensors will be included in this overhaul and I mean everything, I've even began preparing simple Optional Server and Client Patches for the mod, so that, we can finally weed out them annoying NullPointerExceptions and all.

You won't need the Client Patch to play on a Server with the Patch and…

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MadMinecrafter MadMinecrafter 18 April 2015

Ram Help

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Xshine124 Xshine124 5 October 2014

Starting tekkit

I do not know if this site if just for Tekkit Lite, but I am playing the normal tekkit. I do not know what to do first. All i have done is a house built. So what is best to start with for a beginner? I want to be able to take on a big project real soon. So what should I do? I have no clue.

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Malsf21 Malsf21 12 August 2014

Getting Started: Encouraging More Users!

Hey guys! It's been a long time, but I'm back with some more heavy-duty editing! 

Now, I've realized the the TC wiki has shrunk since it's good old days, but we still have newcomers every now and then (scrolling down on the Technic Launcher thinking "WTF is this Tekkit Classic?"). I want to make it easier for new TC players to get a feel for the game, and understand the game mechanics easier. That's why I revamped the Getting Started page, which currently covers IC2.

Of course, IC2 isn't the only mod here! If one of you guys feels like, "Hey, I'm good with [mod name]! I bet I could teach a newb the basics!", then feel free to make/edit a Getting Started Page for that mod! We currently have a EE2 and BC one, but we're lacking RedPower, RailCr…

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Watson 777 Watson 777 17 July 2014

The future of this wiki

Well, well, well... It has been a long time, hasn't it.

I've been away living my life but I have still been keeping my eye on the wiki (you can read that last bit in a creepy voice if you want :P ).

Let's be honest - since the wiki was founded a huge amount has changed, not just in the Tekkit universe, but also in the much wider Mincraft one too! However, there is no escaping the fact that Tekkit Classic has defiantly had it's heyday - This wiki was once the 5th most popular wiki on Wikia and was getting over 8 Million views a week! Now it has fallen to a much more modest 185th place and is obviously getting far fewer views.

But, people are still using it, quite a lot - given how old Tekkit Classic is, and edits are still being made!

So I thou…

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TheBrickKeeper TheBrickKeeper 5 May 2014

Adding Item Images to Wikis

Okay, so I just have a quick question. I'm wondering where you find the item images that are used in the crafting grids on MineCraft wikis. I've searched inside my .minecraft and bin files but can't seem to find anything. If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it.

TheBrickKeeper (talk) 16:02, May 5, 2014 (UTC)

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Harrypee Harrypee 23 April 2014


So, I'm planning on making a new article that combines two pages and adds more stuff to do in general. Those two pages will be Getting Started, Getting Started in EE2, and Getting Started in Buildcraft. I honestly think that they shouldn't be seperate pages.

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Coreilly301 Coreilly301 15 April 2014

Infinite Power With Equivalent Exchange

If you set this up right, you can have infinite power.

You need:

  • A condenser
  • Energy Collectors (Any MK, Any amount, depending on the power you need)
  • Anti-Matter Relays (Any MK, Amount that goes with the collectors)
  • Pneumatic tubes
  • Transposer
  • Timer (Can be just a redstone clock)
  • Generators (Any amount, more = more power)
  • Cables (Copper cables, glass fibre cables etc)
  • Whatever you use to hold your power (MFSU, MFE, Batbox)
  • A piece of charcoal (Charcoal has lower EMC than coal, so its easier to make in a condenser)

Set up the condensers to create EMC with the collectors and relays (if you dont know how to do this, look it up on YouTube or something, there are plenty of tutorials).

Set up the transposer to take items out of the condenser. Use the timer to p…

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Carly.noneya Carly.noneya 6 April 2014

Things exploding?

When I was playing Tekkit with a friend, I was standing on a chest and he was coming to me and it randomly exploded and broke our alchemy chest, 2 RM furnaces, and Condenser. Then another time I was writing on a sign and I randomly exploded and broke the sign and part of the building next to me. I know this wasnt from a creeper, due to the fact the first time it happened The person I was playing with was watching me and coming torwards me. I was woundering if anyone could know why this is happening? Thanks


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TheBrickKeeper TheBrickKeeper 31 March 2014

Tree Chopping Mod

So, basically, I'm just looking for a mod that will allow me to chop down trees and use the new items from Tekkit Classic (e.g. Ruby Axe, Chainsaw, etc.) I've looked around and tried a few mods, including ChopTree, but none of them seem to work when you add other allowed items that can chop trees. Also, if the mod could also "pop" the leaves, that would be preferred. Thanks!

TheBrickKeeper (talk) 06:57, March 31, 2014 (UTC)

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TheBrickKeeper TheBrickKeeper 31 March 2014

Multiple Ender Dragons

Okay, so I'm currently running a small Tekkit Classic server. I tried going to the End, but when I did, there was like 20 different Ender Dragons flying around. I've done some research, and the only bug that seems similar to this is one where you spawn in the End very far away from the actual island. If someone could help me I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

TheBrickKeeper (talk) 06:49, March 31, 2014 (UTC)

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ANIMANIAC250 ANIMANIAC250 23 March 2014

Mod List

I'm trying to make a custom modpack and use all the mods from Tekkit Classic in it. If anyone has a list with all the individual mods and like coremods, can you please put it on dropbox and give me a link? Also, I've been having trouble making a custom modpack. If someone could help me with all of this that would be great.



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Will4553 Will4553 16 February 2014

tekkit classic server problems

Hi, i have my own tekkit server that me and my friend play on.  it was working fine the other day, buut now i cannot connect. and on top of that my technic launcher takes FOREVER to launch tekkit. i have done everything i could think of.  can someone please help me?

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Kitty1407 Kitty1407 12 February 2014


Hi fellow gamers, or at least minecrafter's

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Dr. Ivo Robotnik Dr. Ivo Robotnik 8 February 2014



Revelation time : 

Today's question : How many of you play cracked tekkit?

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TheBrickKeeper TheBrickKeeper 5 February 2014

Tekkit Classic Server Problems

Ok, so I'm in a bit of a pickle here. Bascially, I'm trying to run a tekkit classic server on my older computer that runs Windows Vista and play on it using my newer computer that runs Windows 7. At my house our Wi-Fi is weird, so we have two routers that are configured separatley. I'm currently using seperate routers for my two laptops. Both of the routers are configured with the 25565 port to allow server connections, so that isn't my problem. When I run the server on the older laptop, everything works fine. When I try to play on it using my newer laptop however, I can't connect. I've tried using both the internal and external IP's of both routers but neither of them seem to work. I'm considering changing the routers so that both of my l…

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Dr. Ivo Robotnik Dr. Ivo Robotnik 2 February 2014

Shader error or buggy game?

Ok, I keep having those shader errors whenever I touch a microblock, any help?

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JustCraftIt JustCraftIt 1 February 2014

Help Mr.Tekkit


Hi guys! I wanna do something fun on this wiki, dont you? Lets start a discussion about oil refinerys! There exciting, but if you dont set them up right, they will blow up in your face, literally. So, one day Sciencist Maximus R. Tekkit was experimenting on oil refinerys, when he made a mechanical error. When he flipped the switch to the project he had been working on for 1 year, an explosion took place that was 1/4 the size of a nuke! Help him in his time of need, the tekkit world cant survive without fuel! Post your oil refinerie desgins/blueprints/ideas down below, and maybe someday, Mr.Tekkit will be able to refine the purest fuel in the universe.


1. Please include pictures/videos

2. Get pumped! Write something about your…

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Thunderblunder66 Thunderblunder66 26 January 2014

Charging with blutricity

I crafted a sonic screwdriver for the sake of it being a reference to my favorite show and because I was starting to use the two 64 and one 40 stacks of nikolite I got from a mining trip. It wouldn`t work in a mark II charging bench so it must use butricity. So how do I charge it.

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Thunderblunder66 Thunderblunder66 26 January 2014

Gem armour flight?

I do not know how to fly with gem armour. I tried the normal flight controls but couldn`t get in the air. I did spawn it in (on my test world) so if it iis bugged and doesn`t work when spawned in tell me.

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TheBrickKeeper TheBrickKeeper 22 January 2014

Where is Everybody?

Hello. It seems to me that this wiki isn't having a whole lot of activity (which is understandable, considering that the people who made Tekkit Classic stopped working on it a while ago and have changed to more up-to-date modpacks). What kind of gets me worried though is a lot of users are inactive, including admins. If this is the case, what will become of this wiki? Will the people still here just keep making edits without anything really changing? Again, this is just what I've seen, so if any of this in incorrect, please correct me. Thanks! :D

TheBrickKeeper (talk) 19:38, January 22, 2014 (UTC)

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TheBrickKeeper TheBrickKeeper 18 January 2014

Editing Modes?

So, I can't seem to be able to edit articles in source mode and must instead use visual mode. This is challenging for me because source mode seemed easier and less intimidating. I don't know if this is just me and my computer, but I'd like to know if I can solve this issue. If anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it! :D (By the way, I don't have any tabs that say I can change from visual mode to source mode)

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Supacoopa9 Supacoopa9 12 January 2014

Help on my profile page

Ok so I decided to get more familiar with the wiki I should do a bit more with my account so I wrote about myself on my profile page and did a bit of tweaking and now the pic of me at the side makes my writing super stretched away from the heading. I was wondering if someone could fix this for me or at least tell me how to do it.

Also I don't know if this is a good enough excuse to make a blog post but I needed to make one anyway so I could get an achievment so could this be an exeption plez, tankoo. :P

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Malsf21 Malsf21 2 January 2014

Picking the Correct Storage Unit

I recently read Ewnrrthanadmin's blog post about different storage units, and have decided to, ah, write an article on the subject. This'll be my first blog in a couple months, so bear with me here.

  • 1 Background Information
  • 2 Iron Chests (Industrialized Storage FTW!)
  • 3 Personal Safe (from IndustrialCraft2)
  • 4 Alchemical Chest (From Equivalent Exchange 2)
  • 5 Ender Chest (the mod, not from Vanilla.)
  • 6 Alchemy Bag
  • 7 Comparison
  • 8 Other Frikkin' Amazing Mods

Minecraft wouldn't be MINEcraft if you couldn't store your items! Many mods have come to the rescue, throwing away the Vanilla Chest in hopes of a better, upgraded version. Here, I'll take you through a guided tour of Storage Untis from different mods, all included in Tekkit Classic.

I'll also post a little fo…

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Ewnrrthanadmin Ewnrrthanadmin 1 January 2014

Does anyone else agree with me on this

I hate when people post pictures and videos, espically tutorials, not using the defalt texture pack. It really ticks me off. If I want to look something up on youtube, half the time it has that stupid "pentagony" texture pack. I dont see why they just cant change texture packs for the screenshot or video. I cant see how things will look correctly. Anyone agree or disaggree, and let me know why in the comments. I'd like to know what you think.

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Ewnrrthanadmin Ewnrrthanadmin 28 December 2013

which chest?

I've Desided to make a blog about the chests of the game. What is the best chest?

Im my opinion, I would have a debate between theAlchemical Chest, the Diamond chest, and theCrystal Chest. Now let the debate begin.

  • 1 Cost
  • 2 Storage
  • 3 Appearance
  • 4 Wrap up

Obviously, the alchemical chest wins in this one. The alchemical chest defentely has the lowest EMC/Slot, I don't even have to do the math. Then the diamond, and in last place crystal. If your looking for a low cost, high storage chest, then the alchemical chest is the anwser. 

score- A=1 D=0 C=0

In last place is the alchemical chest here for sure. Then we have a tie with the Crystal and Diamond for storage. Here if I had to make a choice storage-wise, it would be crystal because I dont have to go dig…

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TheBrickKeeper TheBrickKeeper 9 December 2013

Training Dummy?

So, while looking for pages to improve/correct, I came across this page. I'm curious whether this page should be deleted or improved, considering the fact that the Training Dummy is already mostly covered on the Balkon's Weapon Mod page here:


EDIT: I notice now that I should have probably put this as a talk topic, so I'll be sure to do that in the future

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Max082397 Max082397 4 December 2013

Booze Barrels

Ok, so I was waiting for my UU-Matter to come out of my Mass Fabricator and I was looking through all the different things on Tekkit, you know like just for fun, and saw Rum... Hmmmm... Rum... This is interesting. So I decided to figure out why would you put Rum on this game. So i figured out that you get rum from Booze Barrels and how to ferment them and stuff. I still dont understand WHY you would put that in the game but ok! Whatever floats your boat!

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Silentstrike46 Silentstrike46 10 November 2013

Beginner's Guide to Tekkit Classic!

Hey guys and girls (and adults, teenagers etc.)

When I first started playing Tekkit Classic, I was confused about what to do. I always struggled to find videos explaining exactly what to do etc. So i decided to make my own!

Here is a link to the video playlist:

All the episodes can be seen from here.

If you enjoy the videos, please like/subscribe. It keeps me motivated.

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Watson 777 Watson 777 8 November 2013

New staff needed!

Yes, you read it correctly! We are looking for some fresh pairs of hands to help out on the wiki.

It's great to see everyone so keen to help! I will reply to all of you over the next week or so. Please make sure the have read the criteria before you apply.

But... let me say first of all, that we are not looking to hire any new administrators (sysops). Also, if you have the "NEW EDITOR" tag on your profile page, you cannot apply for any of these positions. Nor if you have under 40 edits.

So, with that said, the positions that are up for grabs are:

  • 2 Chat moderators
  • 2-4 Forum moderators
  • Rollbackers

  • 1 Chat Moderator
  • 2 Forum Moderator
  • 3 Rollbackers
  • 4 Applying

These people will need to be very level headed and be able to help users. But being able to laugh is…

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Watson 777 Watson 777 8 November 2013

Updates to the forums

As the title suggests, this blog is about some updates I've made to the Forums!

Here is the list of changes:

  1. The "News and Announcements" board has been renamed to "Wiki News and Announcements" and, just to remind you all, you should NEVER create a thread in that board! It is for admins only.
  2. The "Hello & Welcome" board has been completely removed. This was, firstly, due to the fact that users were using it to ask questions that should have been in the "Questions and Answers" board and, secondly, that 99% of the users that used it to say hello were anonymous users (users without an account) that would only say the word "hi" or "hello" in a thread. All posts from that board have been moved into the "General Discussion" board.
  3. We now have a new …
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TekkitEnthusiast TekkitEnthusiast 4 November 2013

Tekkit- Keeping it Classic

Hello welcome to myself into the world of tekkit, i will be staying for quite a while and I'll try t oget comfy hope you guys enjoy me and one day i aspire to become a known member of the wiki

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Watson 777 Watson 777 2 November 2013

Userpage Updates

Hello everybody!

This is just a quick heads-up to let you know that I've updated the Userpage Template (the default one that gets created when you create a profile on this wiki).

This change will only affect new profiles from now on. However, some of you will have seen that I've been editing quite a few profiles (when I say "a few" I mean over 200). This is because of a bug that made certain userpages show up in the "Pages with broken file links" page, despite not having any missing file links.

Anyway it's all fixed now.

While I'm on the subject of profiles, if you haven't already done so, why not update your userpage to be a bit more... "you"!

If you're logged in all you need to do is go to your profile by clicking your name in the top right o…

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