Industrial Craft 2 Achievements

Independent Achievements:

Sticky Situation: Get resin from a rubber tree with a treetap.

New Ore Miner: Mine copper, tin or uranium.

Follow-on achievements

Better than Iron: Smelt a refined iron ingot

Energy Flow: Make some cables (Copper Cable)

Suitable Power: Build a generator

Double Trouble: Build a macerator

From Double Trouble: 

Shiny: Make a Coal Chunk to compress into a diamond.

From Suitable Power:

    Even Hotter Topic: build an Electric Furnace.

        From Even Hotter Topic:

            Hyperspeed: Build an Induction Furnace.

From Suitable Power:

Epic Squeeze: Build a Compressor.

From Epic Squeeze:

    Radioactivity: Compress uranium into a uranium fuel ingot. (Refined Uranium) NOTE: This achievement is bugged!

        From Radioactivity:

            Crazy Ivan: Die from a Nuke you have placed

From Suitable Power:

Super Treetap: build an Extractor.

From Suitable Power:

Stash it: Build a BatBox.

From Stash It:

Lumber jack Assassin: Build a chainsaw.

From Lumber jack Assassin:

  Creeper Chainsaw Massacre: Kill a creeper with a chainsaw.

From Stash It:

Meet the Dentist: Build a mining drill.

From Meet the Dentist:

  Valuable Upgrade: Upgrade your mining drill to a diamond-tipped mining drill.

From Stash It:

Storage Upgrade: Build a MFE unit.

From Storage Upgrade:

Laser Time: Build a mining laser.

From Laser Time:

  Like A Boss: Kill the enderdragon with a mining laser.

From Storage Upgrade:

Energy To Matter: Build a Mass Fabricator.      

From Energy To Matter:

  Pink Blob: Produce some UU-Matter.

      From Pink Blob:

          Hi-Tech Wonder: Build a piece of quantum suit.

              From Hi-Tech Wonder:

                  Forgot to Recharge: Starve to death with a quantum helmet.

From Storage Upgrade:

Just Too Much: Build a MFS Unit.

From Just Too Much:

Intradimensional Warp: Build a Teleporter.

From Intradimensional Warp:

    Far Far Away: Teleport for at least 1 km.

From Just Too Much:

Change The World: Build a terraformer.

From Change The World:

    Endgame Paradise: Terraform the End to look like the overworld.

Redpower Achievements

Independent Achievements:

Civilized Crafting: Construct a Project Table.

Dual Cyclonic Action!: Build a Transposer.

OM NOM NOM!: Build a Block Breaker.

Steve in a Box: Build a Deployer.

It slices, It dices: Craft a Diamond Handsaw.

Follow-on Achievements:

Mixed Metal Surprise: Build an Alloy Furnace.

-Won't Blow Away!: Smelt a Red Alloy Ingot.

-Now in Blueberry: Smelt a Blue Alloy Ingot.

-I Like to Move it, Move it: Build a Frame Motor.

-I Drink Your Milkshake: Build a Pump.

-Brass Monkey: Smelt a Brass Ingot.

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